Scaffolding Supplies

Wall Formwork:
Modular and beam-based formwork for the construction of vertical concrete structures: walls, columns, side walls, foundations, footings, abutments etc. Framed Formwork, Timber Beam Formwork.

Column Formwork:
Quick, simple, circular column formwork is designed for the concreting of circular section columns. Circular / Square.

Work and Protection:
Safety standards for scaffolds use in the construction industry rule aims to protect workers using scaffolding in construction work.

Scaffolding & Frames:
The scaffold consists of welded steel or aluminum frames connected by cross braces to form a framework to support scaffold planks or other scaffold platform systems.

Self-Lock Frames 1.56m / 2.16m / 3.0m.

Floor Formwork:
Floor formwork can be used for foundations, walls and columns as well as for slabs and beams. The system is characterized by the extremely simple handling and the minimum number of different system components.

H20 Girder Beams, Steel Beams.

Floor Props , Form-work Beams, Accessories:

Floor props, beams and accessories are used for every usage situations, and a sturdy ' support' in the rough-and-tumble of everyday work on the site.

Heavy Duty No2, Heavy Duty No3, Shoring Props, Base Jacks, U-Head Jacks, Fork Head Jacks, Spigots, Tripods, Ladders, Couplers, Scaffolding Connectors, Scaffold Wheels, Toe Board Clips, Full Swivel Couplers.


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